Indoor Shoot Results – February 2023

Feb 12 Pistol Match Results:

Semi-Auto Pistol:
Jim Peters Jr. 39.48
Cory Pompelia 57.83
Jim Peters Sr. 94.93
Neil Suspanic 103.39
Bob Knall 124.44
Paul Milliron 126.33

.22lr Pistol:
Jim Peters Jr. 24.43
Jim Peters Sr. 43.82
Joe Bocchi 75.84
Bob Maxeiner 101.83

Pistol Caliber Carbine:
Bob Knall 42.74
Jim Peters Jr 43.56
Cory Pompelia 48.87
Neil Suspanic 123.39
Jack Benneti 215.56

Jim Peters Sr. 125.85
Jack Benneti 253.60

22lr Rifle:
Hunter Milliron 54.70

Pretty good turnout on a beautiful Sunday morning for our indoor shoot with a fun course of fire thanks to Jim Peters Jr.

We also had a remarkable time set by Hunter Milliron while under the close supervision of his Father Paul.