3 Gun Results – August 14, 2022

August 3-gun results:

Smaller crew gathered for the perfect weather that seems to finally be cooling off. Once again this month returned separate classification for those wanting to rock the single stack platforms.

On a Course of Fire consisting of 6 shotgun, 12 pistol, & 10 rifle targets per round, results came out to be:

Single Stack:

Frank 70.74 (clean run with a revolver!)

Craig 97.82

Bob Maxeiner 197.42

Double Stack:

Andy 47.65

Cory 55.04+1 => 60.04

George 65.32

3 Gun Results – July 10, 2022

July 2022 3-gun results:

This month we started a single stack pistol classifier for participants who wanted to run 1911’s and the like. Penalties incurred in the course of fire amounted to a +5s added onto their time.

Someone must have turned the difficulty to 11 as nearly each participant had to overcome a malfunction of some sort in one of their three runs.

Now onto the results:

Frank G. 51.39
Craig F. 51.58
Zach D. 103.02
Larry W. 108.11

Bert R. 39.24 (34.24 +1)
George J 49.19
Cory P. 55.11
Larry W. 65.01

3 Gun Results – June 12, 2022

June 2022 3-Gun Event Results:

Was a fantastic day to enjoy some shooting! Course of fire this month involved 12 rifle paper targets (1 shot per target, multiple hits resulting in penalties), 6 shotgun targets consisting mostly of Steel droppers with 1 pop up pigeon, and 13 pistol targets.

Penalties amounted to a +5s onto raw time.

Thank you all to those that showed up, now for the results:

Andy Ruffner 45.31
Frank Gentile 56.06
Craig F. 61.60
Larry W. 68.00 (63.00 +1)
George Johnas 75.41 (70.41 +1)
Cory Pompelia 83.11 (73.11 +2)
Kevin Stover 105.40
Pete Yacavone 121.97 (101.97 +4)

3 Gun Results – April 10, 2022

Our April 3-gun was held on a chilly Sunday, penalties incurred a +5 second addition to raw overall times. This resulted in a rack and stack of everyone’s cleanest run.

Rob Ekas 36.41s
Bert Rizzo 44.28s
Frank Gentilo 52.16s
Cory Pompelia 63.62s
Craig Fularz 68.36s
George Johnas 71.17s

Look forward to seeing you more of you the second Sunday of May with hopefully a warmer day!